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About Us
Nan Long Bicycle Material Co., Ltd. was found by Long Mi Wang in 1976, which was the prosperous era of bicycle industry in Taiwan. Going through the test of outward industry development, Nan Long is trained to possess professional manufacturing capacity and to produce superior quality components and products, allowing Nan Long to have the strength to become the leading brand in the industry. Nan Long has accumulated professional ability and experience of bicycle component manufacturing for many years; however, Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, this enlightened Nan Long to have a new thinking.

Bicycle is the indispensible component of modern people’s classy life, and riding a bicycle is a symbol of leisure and love. Bicycle allows modern people to get away from the city and wander about unhurriedly in the nature. However, coffee is the indispensible and value-added companion for many people during their break time. Isn’t the combination of bicycle and coffee the perfect picture of modern life? As simple as this! Nan Long produces not only superior quality components, but also classy life.

In the past, Nan Long was a bicycle component OEM; now, Nan Long is also a manufacturer of creative coffee machine. Please see Nan Long from a brand-new perspective today, because we are going to continue to act beyond your imagination tomorrow so as to interpret your classy life.
Our Services
Nan Long Bicycle Material Co., Ltd. is the professional OEM that produces bicycles and sports equipment components for more than 30 years.
◎ Specialized in:
  Customized services such as tube business and processing for precise tube with uneven thickness.
A series of services includes materials, tubes, heat treatment, CNC processing, coreless grinding, and surface treatment.
◎ Selection of Material:
  Nan Long selects materials according to customer’s
designated material requirement, for example, high strength aluminum alloy including 7050, 6061, 6066 and metal such as chromium molybdenum alloy steel (CRMO4130) and 304 stainless steel. The quality of our materials is very durable, so you can absolutely count on us.
◎ “E-do Coffee Machine” is the perfect combination of beauty of art and outdoor life, which enriches your classy life.
Professional Facilities
Nan Long has excellent facilities such as professional CNC lathe, tube machine, and coreless grinding machine aiming to spare no efforts to produce the highest quality components for you.
Nan Long Bicycle Material Co., Ltd. is approved by many large-scaled enterprises, in which Taiwan Hodaka Technology Co., Ltd., Advanced International Multitech Co., Ltd., Tonic Fitness Technology Inc., and Sports Art Fitness are our cooperative customers. Besides domestic market, Nan Long also develops export trade enthusiastically so as to provide domestic and foreign customers with cheap and fine products and services.

Nan Long Bicycle Material Co., Ltd. has excellent reputation and professional ability for more than 30 years aiming to pursue the highest quality; Nan Long also takes a big step in innovation to link industry and classy life together. Having the courage to show the creativity of Taiwan, Nan Long is definitely your best business partner.

“ We believe quality comes from professionalism and persistence towards superior quality ”
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